Forum-exhibition of new materials and technologies in various industries

Customer - Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

"New materials and technologies"

Organizer – ATOMEXPO LLC

Moscow, Lomonosov Technological Cluster, Ramenskiy Boulevard, 1.
15 - 17 November
The brightest
The forum and exhibition are devoted to determining the vector of development of the most high-tech industries where the use of new materials and technologies plays a key role. Examples of innovations are composite materials, additive technologies, nanomaterials, rare earth metals, digital materials science, etc.

The AWARDS competition will take place at the forum and exhibition. The competition stands for achievements in the development and implementation of new materials.
and large-scale event in the world of new materials and technologies
Main objectives
  • Development of production chains and industrial cooperation.
  • Search for new promising projects, materials, developments, and technologies.
  • Growth of technological independence of the main industries.

«AMTEXPO» - is the central annual event of the industry of new materials and technologies

Audience - corporations, business, science, federal and regional authorities – everyone who is engaged in research, production of materials and equipment, procurement and implementation of technologies and advanced materials.

Target audience
Company owners
Managing directors
and CEOs
Commercial and technical directors, experts and specialists in the following industries:
Mechanical engineering
Consumer goods
Industrial production
Exhibition directions
The exhibition will include full-scale samples and models with the usage of new materials and technologies.
Innovational competitiveness, high rates of development of key Russian industries and technological sovereignty can be ensured only through a systematic approach. This approach ought to be aimed at the development, as well as the rapid and effective introduction of modern materials, technologies and technical solutions into production.
Program architecture
Invited to participate
  • Borisov Yuri Ivanovich
    CEO of the State Corporation «Roscosmos»
  • Chemezov Sergey Viktorovich
    CEO of the State Corporation
  • Borisovich Yuriy Slyusar
    CEO of «USC»
  • Lipa Kirill Valer'ievich
    CEO of «Transmashholding»
  • Rakhmanov Alexey L'vovich
    CEO of «USC»
  • Gaidansky Anatoly Iosifovich
    First Deputy CEO of PJSC Yakovlev
More than 150 speakers, including:
  • Belyakov Alexey
    Vice-President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Cluster
  • Bolushevsky Denis
    Managing Director of ANO "Agency for Technological Development"
  • Borovkov Alexey
    Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), Head of the Advanced Engineering School of SPbPU "Digital Engineering"
  • Anatoly Gaidansky
    First Deputy General Director of PJSC Yakovlev, General Director of Aerocomposite JSC
  • Mikhail Gordin
    Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Demidov Igor
    General Director of «Polar Lithium»
  • Doob Alexey
    First Deputy General Director of JSC «Science and Innovation»
  • Viktor Yevtukhov
    State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Katsevman Mikhail
    Director for Science and Development of NPP «POLYPLASTIC», President of the Russian Union of Plastic Processors, Vice President of the RSX
  • Alexey Kepman
  • Kochkurov Vladislav
    General Director, TSAT
  • Krechetov Stanislav
    General Director of INNOHAB LLC
  • Kulikov Vadim
    Engineer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RTF, Director of the IFTR in IBEC
  • Likhachev Alexey
    General Director of «Rosatom» State Corporation
  • Oleg Lysak
    CEO of TechnoSpark Group of Companies
  • Ryazantsev Anton
    Chairman of the Industrial Council of the Central Committee of the NTI for new functional materials of the NSU
  • Tararykin Yuri
    Commercial Director, Mechatronics
  • Fertman Alexander
    Director of the Department, Department of Science and Education, Skolkovo Foundation
  • Shadrin Valery
    General Director, Aerospace Systems Design Bureau
  • Shevchenko Andrey
    Director of Technological Development of «ROSATOM» State Corporation
  • Shcherbina Anna
    Vice-Rector for Science, D. I. Mendeleev Russian State Technical University
Moscow, Lomonosov Technological Cluster, Ramenskiy Boulevard, 1.

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Forum Director: Dmitry Shabinsky
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Program Director: Elina Bilevskaya
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Head of Sales Department: Natalia Pustobaeva
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Orginizer - «ATOMEXPO»
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